Welcome to the Northwoods Surgery Center

The Northwoods Surgery Center is a joint venture between Fairview Range in Hibbing and Dr. Bridget Sundell of Virginia. The facility's focus is on providing same-day surgical care in multiple specialties, including ophthalmology, orthopaedics, ear/nose/ throat, podiatry, endoscopy, and general surgery. Outpatient surgery centers, also known as ambulatory surgery centers, provide a modern alternative to hospital-based, low-risk outpatient procedures that have proven to have lower costs as well as a strong track record of quality care and positive patient outcomes.
“Fairview is very excited about our relationship with Dr. Sundell, who has been providing care for more than a decade to the region,” said Deb Boardman, President & CEO of Fairview Range. “Northwoods Surgery Center allows patients in the Virginia area to receive same-day surgery close to home.”
Dr. Sundell stated, “The surgery center enhances access of care for area residents, as well as providing patients with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.”
Northwoods Surgery Center is located on Bailey’s Lake, adjacent to Sundell Eye Clinic, in Virginia, MN.