Board of Directors

Northwoods Surgery Center Board of Directors

Dr. Bridget Sundell

President, Northwoods Surgery Center and Sundell Eye Associates

Bridget Sundell, MD, is the President of Northwoods Surgery Center, and founder of Sundell Eye Associates, a comprehensive ophthalmology practice in Virginia, MN. She is committed to compassionately providing health care services for area residents, and using her entrepreneurial vision to expand health care opportunities in the region. Dr. Sundell is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist specializing in “state of the art” surgery including no-needle, no-stitch cataract surgery. She is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, the American Medical Association, and the Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology. Bridget Sundell has been published in industry publications including Ocular Surgery News and Ophthalmic Surgery Principles and Practices. She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her husband and her two daughters.

This surgery center will enhance access of care for area residents, as well as provide patients with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

David J. Hohl

CEO, Northwoods Surgery Center and Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Fairview Range

David Hohl is the CEO of Northwoods Surgery Center and is Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Fairview Range in Hibbing, MN – a part of Fairview Health Services. David has always had a passion for health care and at a very young age knew that was where he belonged. His experience as a respiratory therapist has been most valuable and has helped him to truly understand what quality patient care is. David serves on a board level in a number of community organizations such as, Access North of Northern Minnesota, The Hibbing Community College Foundation, and Range Center, Inc. based in Chisholm, MN.
"We are excited about this opportunity to provide high-quality, efficient surgical care for our communities.”

Deb Boardman

Board Member Northwoods Surgery Center and President & CEO Fairview Range

Deb Boardman is the President and CEO of Fairview Range in Hibbing, MN. – a part of Fairview Health Services. She has spent her entire healthcare career working in and promoting issues important to rural healthcare.

Deb is a fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives. Throughout her career she has served on AHA’s Regional Policy Board and while a member of the MHA board for 12 years, served on many committees and as MHA Board Chair. Deb has been a member of governor appointed task forces on rural health care issues and has testified before both state and federal legislative bodies on rural health care issues.

The development of Northwoods Surgery Center will allow patients in the Virginia area to receive same-day surgery close to home.

Kate J. Gribble, IOM

Board Member Northwoods Surgery Center and Practice Administrator, Sundell Eye Associates

Kate Gribble is the Administrator at Sundell Eye Associates where she oversees the planning, implementation, and coordination of all business affairs. She has a passion for business growth, expansion, and development. While working in the health care sector, Kate is committed to creating an environment that provides an exceptional experience for the patient. Kate has a strong background in strategic planning, business and organizational management, and economic development. She is a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Associates Administrators, and the board of directors for the Virginia Rotary Club. While living in Ohio, Kate Gribble served on the board of directors for regional economic development advisory groups, the Community Improvement Corporation, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and for an organization promoting downtown revitalization and historic preservation.